December 20, 2004

Disclaimer Stuff

It should be obvious, but needs to be said:

Anything I post on here is my opinion, or is reported as data on which I may or may not have formed an opinion. It is not the opinion of my employer or any other company (unless quoted or paraphrased and attributed), and should not be construed as such, legally or otherwise.

I endeavor not to review the software or services of any organization that I am employed by. If I really feel that something is so nifty that I can't ignore it, or a class of item I'm reviewing has an offering from my employer, I will disclose my relationship with my employer at the start of the article.

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August 12, 2004

Addendum to Policy

Another policy issue:

I reserve the right to delete comments that I suspect may be attempts to use my resources to increase page rank in search engines or "sell" shady goods or services.
This type of "comment spam" is not acceptable is this, or any other, of my blogs. I am not producing this to advertise someone else's sites, especially when they are porn, drugs, or fast money junk sites. Just say no to link pollution.

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June 17, 2004


Here are some basic ground rules that I have put in writing before I starting reviewing things here:
  1. I chose what I review here. If you send me links or stuff to review, I will happily consider reviewing it, but it is dependent on my time available to do so.
  2. All reviews that I post are primarily my opinion, with occasional citations of things like packaging or other sources.
  3. I try to make my reviews fair and honest. Like life itself, many things have both good and bad points.
  4. Permission to reprint reviews from this site is granted if credit (and linkback if possible) is provided.
  5. If you're quoting from this site, be a good sport and provide credit and a link, so the reader can read the whole review.
  6. I will not "take down" or cancel a review just because you (or your company) don't like it. This site is in the US, and I take the First Amendment seriously.

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